Recruiting testers and theorycrafters

WordPress is an intuitive platform for managing multiple authors. To make this a success, I’m looking for BDO players who are interested in the theorycrafting approach to gaming. You do not need to be a maths God to collaborate, you just need to have an understanding of the philosophy behind this methodology and a passion for theorycrafting.

I’m looking for people who are:

  1. Testers who enjoy testing game mechanics and translating it into unique data.
  2. Analysts who enjoy analyzing data or coming up with new gameplay strategies.
  3. Programmers who can help make some apps and web calculators for various BDO mechanics. Programmers are also key for doing Monte-Carlo simulations.
  4. Web designers and artists because I’m awful at art.

Please contact me on reddit Garandou if you’re interested in collaboration with your skillset and what’s the first thing you want to do here.


17 thoughts on “Recruiting testers and theorycrafters”

  1. Incredible research you’re doing here! I would love to help!
    I couldn’t agree more with your statement:

    “Delete “it’s all RNG” from your vocabulary. Your IQ will go up 20 points instantaneously”

    If you would like to e-mail me, or pm in game, I would be happy to relay my background and requisite skill-set.



  2. Like your site, it starts to put in perspective the mayhem of the gear system.

    One thing I saw though is I think your formula for Value pack is off. Actual that I see every day with my beer (and any other item for that matter) is:

    Market sale – Cost of Goods – (.35 * Market Sale) + (.3 * (.35 * Market Sale) ) = profit
    ^ the tax ^ ^ gain back ^

    That secondary add back is far smaller than what is being touted on the web. I watch this on every sale daily.

    It seems you are a math wiz, me not so much but I am thinking that if you redo the actual value of the pack boost, it may not come in as P2W per your laid out standard.



    1. The profit * 1.3 equation calculates profit from the after tax perspective. So technically you can write it as profit * 1.3 * 0.65 if you want to think profit is before tax.


  3. What I am trying to get across is you are giving too much credit for the pack in you assumption. Its spot on overall, but would probably change your opinion if you correct it.

    Using simple numbers as an example and this is what happens on live.

    1,000,000 sale
    350,000 in taxes
    105,000 in ‘tax credit’ <<<< thats the real action, you can see it as it deposits.

    Thus, 105 is nowhere near a 30 percent gain, its actually about 16 % – half of the 30% value claimed in your post. Would your claim that it is still P2W be valid? As a crafter I know and see I am NOT getting 30% extra income as you stated. This would also follow for any grind drops too.

    Sorry to have posted this here, I just realized now how to post in the other thread!


      1. Income no pack 650,0000
        Income with pack 755,000
        105,000/650,000 is 16.15 %

        I think thats the right variable. If you used 755,000 as percentage of that whole it would be even less.

        I am pointing out that all ‘the sky is falling due to pay to win’ was a little off. Most everyone focused on 30% of 1 million thinking it netted 300,000. It does not.


  4. Mmmmm, I dont think so. You can see my math, it follows exactly as Daum stated what the pack does. When I have watched money going into my bank my math looks right (i.e if I expected 20,000 silver extra, I got 20,000). I admit I dont sell items at exactly 1 million to see clearly, but I will see what I can do with screen shots on an item, or set of 500 beers to prove which math is correct.


  5. Ok, I see where you are getting your info now. Its Jouska’s post, not what the item says but what Jouska’s text says. Anyhow, I have contacted them, and when I get home I will verify actual facts. From all my sales I semi-monitered I think my formula is, but we shall see!


      1. Ok so sorry for mucking up your thread. The tests prove that it is a flat 30% added to what you recieve. That’s actually contrary to what the original patch notes stated, and I forget where in game I read something too, but doesnt matter thats whats happening. Probably another piece of low quality translation lol! Why even say its associated with tax part of it in the forum post? Better to call it profit boosts.

        Keep up the good work, looking forward to more guides. I have been hyping you up in game btw!


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