Revisiting Liverto vs Yuria

Two primary concerns brought up for the previous article was the cost of materials and the value of Yuria as a cheaper substitute. Let’s examine those two propositions in this short blog post.

Liverto – Material Cost

I redid the maths on Liverto with 1.2m repairs (480k memory fragments), 300k armor blackstone, 300k weapon blackstone. As you can see, these new numbers are extremely unrealistic and biased. Not only can I list memory fragments in the market and make more than 480k even with the 35% cut, but why is memory fragment far lower than market value when blackstone isn’t, yet most people are actually bottlenecked by memory fragments?

I don’t know the answer to that question, all I know is some people think this is a good idea. To them, if you farm both memory fragments and blackstones with relic scrolls, memory fragments are cheaper but the stones aren’t. #logic?

Regardless here they are:

  1. +7->+8 force
  2. +8->+9 3 stacks
  3. +9->+10 3 stacks
  4. +10->+11 4 stacks
  5. +11->+12 4 stacks
  6. +12->+13 5 stacks
  7. +13->+14 7 stacks
  8. +14->+15 9 stacks

I strongly recommend not following the above values because obviously they underestimate the cost of memory fragments significantly. However, it is your decision.

If you’re a more reasonable person but still think the memory fragments are overpriced, at 1.8m repairs and 300k stones, take the failstacks in the guide and subtract each one by 2.

Liverto vs Yuria

If you still believe at equal enhancement Yuria is better than Liverto, you are in denial. However the assertion that Yuria is cheaper to enhance hence better is one worth investigating.

Here are the PRI, DUO, TRI, TET cost for Yuria and Liverto using the optimal strategy, 10mil sharp fragments, 300k weapon blackstone, 300k armor blackstone and 3.5mil repair Liverto, 200k repair Yuria. Increased gain of failstacks on fail, delevel, etc, are all accounted for.


  1. PRI: 37.5mil
  2. DUO: 60.5mil
  3. TRI: 306mil
  4. TET: 1.9bil


  1. PRI: 32.5mil
  2. DUO: 50mil
  3. TRI: 257mil
  4. TET: 1.6bil

As you can see, the cost of PRI->PEN weapon enhancement is predominantly gated by the sharp crystal cost. This is pretty obvious because it dwarfs the repair cost regardless of what weapon you choose to enhance.

What does this mean?

  1. We already know Yuria is weaker than Liverto at the same enhancement level. Slightly higher raw damage on human targets, but much lower accuracy.
  2. We now know that enhancing Yuria is also incredibly expensive, this means the whole “I can upgrade a TET Yuria instead of a DUO/TRI Liverto” argument is false.

The above two inferences direct prove that Yuria is terrible even for the purposes of conserving money and resources. If this doesn’t seal the debate for you, I’m afraid nothing will change your mind.


Hopefully this clears up a few queries about the Liverto upgrade guide. Due to the sheer stupidity of some of the comments I’ve been seeing, I will very likely no longer be responding to reddit threads. To reach me, you can contact me through PM.


8 thoughts on “Revisiting Liverto vs Yuria”

    1. The best and fastest way to own a Liverto is to BUY one. The only money u lose is the price u pay for it. U sell the loot and everything else, preorder one and still you’ll have money in the bank.


  1. Not really arguing that Yuria is better Liverto in any scenario, but your argument does not address that you could force Yuria from +1 to +15 for about 3.4 million in repairs, never buy a memory fragment and the rest of the silver you’d might spend would be only on black stone (weapon)s, which is not a required purchase due to seals/drops. Obviously if you have a +15 Ultimate Yuria and a +15 Liverto in your inventory, you go with the Liverto, but getting that Liverto to +15 will always be exponentially more expensive unless you are able to buy one off the marketplace.


    1. A forced Yuria is on average more expensive than a RNG’d Yuria, that’s why that argument doesn’t really make sense.

      Also I don’t think your maths checks out. It costs 100 dura for +14->+15 Yuria alone right? Which means 10 Yuria = already nearly 3mil?


      1. I think he was pricing Yuria’s at 90k each by buying them from Ronatz. Total max durability hit from forcing to +15 is 380 pts. Each weapon restores 10, so 380 / 10 * 90,000 = 3.42m. The problem with this argument is that I believe you have to get Ronatz (Yuria vendor) to 500 Amity for *every* Yuria you want to buy from him, not just once. So you’ll have to earn 38 * 500 = 19,000 Amity points with him while doing this. If you have many alts and a huge energy max, then using F1 greets it’s tedious & time consuming, but not particularly difficult. But in that case you’re probably well beyond trying to get a +15 Yuria. For most “newbs” like myself, the energy cost is non-trivial, it will takes days of mind-numbing greets or amity games to buy all those yurias off him. Hence why people can still charge 225-300k per Yuria on the marketplace. Price last night on Edan was around $225k per Yuria.


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