A short update

It’s been a while since Kakao’s shady business practices went into full view. I’ve said my goodbyes to the community and I’ve had my fun watching the entire event go down. I do miss some parts of BDO, but sadly there’s no chance I’d be going back with the same publishers.

I thought I’d update this blog for the last (second to last?) time by filling in on what’s happened since and asking you guys for some opinions at the end. Don’t be shy lurkers, the site stats say you’re still here.

Kakao still receiving heavy criticism from the gaming community

BDO reddit appears to mostly speak in favor of Kakao now. Forums from what I’ve heard is still the same braindead spam, whiteknighting, misinformation and thread locks. That is to be expected since most people who care already left those places anyway.

Perception elsewhere though, Kakao’s reputation is irreparably poor as expected. Official BDO Youtube channel is still 50-90% downvote on every video. Reddit communities like /r/MMORPG unanimously agree Kakao is down there with the most awful publishers. MMO sites and forums speak strongly against BDO. Revelations Online forums list BDO as a failure case they wish won’t be repeated in the Western release of their game.

Hope you guys had luck with your refunds


I copy pasted the generic message here initially in all my refund requests thinking it would be OK. Paypal ruled half for me and half against me, which I found a bit odd. Obviously I disputed the rulings with a personalized message including:

  1. Outlining the EU laws in regards to misleading advertisement
  2. Explaining Kakao’s marketing and breach of advertisement laws with proof, such as this video here (2min to 3min30sec)
  3. Outline the legality and consequences of these actions
  4. My good track record with Paypal spanning multiple years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in transactions, with no history of exploitation

And of course Paypal being reasonable people now knowing the full situation ruled the cases in my favor a couple of days later. I could have just sold my 450+ stat account for a couple of thousands like some of my other friends instead of spend 20-30minutes writing a few paragraphs explaining the situation in depth. But honestly, I like being on the legal side and I’m more interested in punishing shady companies than a small personal monetary gain. Between exposing their lack of transparency, disregard for customers and now hurting their own wallets, I’m more than satisfied with how these events turned out.

Hope the rest of you who also chose to refund managed to get your money back. If not, dispute the decision and give an honest and logical explanation. Paypal does in fact protect their customers from unlawful merchants.

What now?

I do miss the BDO eyecandy, and the flashy Dynasty Warrior combat that made grinding fun when done infrequently and sporadically. However, ultimately life without BDO isn’t that different at all. I wasn’t someone who had time to grind 24/7 so it wasn’t difficult finding other things to pass the time. Social events, reading books, a bit of exercise and a few friendly matches of LoL with friends fit quite comfortably in these slits.

Despite previously saying I probably won’t take on MMO gaming again, friends have been nonstop persuading me to try games they’re playing now that I don’t have a main game. The top suggestions so far are WoW: Legion and Overwatch.

What do you guys think about those games? Do you have other good personal suggestions? Or do you think there’s very little value in MMOs these days?

If I do decide to play another game or do something related, I’ll update with a post here. Otherwise this will be the last post on this blog. Being possibly the last post I have to end with something I have to say before I go:

Thank you all for being excellent and well-mannered readers which made reading and responding to comments quite the pleasant experience (most of you anyway).


Recruiting testers and theorycrafters

WordPress is an intuitive platform for managing multiple authors. To make this a success, I’m looking for BDO players who are interested in the theorycrafting approach to gaming. You do not need to be a maths God to collaborate, you just need to have an understanding of the philosophy behind this methodology and a passion for theorycrafting.

I’m looking for people who are:

  1. Testers who enjoy testing game mechanics and translating it into unique data.
  2. Analysts who enjoy analyzing data or coming up with new gameplay strategies.
  3. Programmers who can help make some apps and web calculators for various BDO mechanics. Programmers are also key for doing Monte-Carlo simulations.
  4. Web designers and artists because I’m awful at art.

Please contact me on reddit Garandou if you’re interested in collaboration with your skillset and what’s the first thing you want to do here.