The end of a short journey

Edit: Since this post published less than two days ago had now been viewed by 50k+ unique users including many sites not in direct relationship to BDO, I must clarify with a bit of context for those not familiar with me and the community. I am was a content creator for BDO specializing in mathematics and optimization, especially in gearing. My work is unique and no other known BDO player had been able to do what I do, as a result, this blog has thousands of unique clicks a day even when I don’t publish an article. When I do publish, that number can spike to over 10k. I had never been warned or banned on the forum previously for any bad conduct, and had always been considered among the most outspoken and logical members of the BDO community.

Yesterday in response to community outcry of Daum P2W policy, I wrote an extensive thread summarizing the thoughts and feelings the community had on Daum’s betrayal. The thread received universal support, with the popular post badge being awarded soon after posting. Many users expressed how well the thread summarized their feelings and thanked me for presenting their views in a clear, logical and concise manner. At the time of screenshot, excluding official posts, my thread was the most upvoted thread on the subject in the entire forums.

Because I already predicted what was likely going to be Daum’s response, I screenshotted the thread this morning. The full post can also be viewed on Pastebin here:


And not surprisingly, they acted exactly as I predicted they likely would. I was banned on the forum and the thread was removed.




By doing this, Daum had clearly demonstrated they do not care about community feedback. In response to criticism, they chose censorship over transparent communication.

What did Jouska do after the community reacted to the announcement? Did he communicate and facilitate what’s going on? Did he listen to or at least acknowledge community feedback? No. He added an extra line to his announcement post to “clarify” why this is a good idea.


Because we are the KR, JP and RU community am I right? Since the KR, JP and RU community loved it (citations needed), we should get it here. What do they take us players as? Mentally retarded? At least try harder if you’re going to lie. At this point, the low effort lies are straight up insulting.

In fact, look at this.





Notice the difference? In response to negative feedback, feedback is no longer considered paramount to them. They also don’t seem to want to communicate on our behalf anymore.

For those interested, they also removed the line claiming PA was behind this change. It is now reasonable to assume Daum is at least partially behind this change. The link to the thread with evidence is here. If it disappears, you know what’s up.

Heck, why not remove the 5 items limit policy too?





Daum and P2W supporters would love to tell you how well KR is doing. It’s not. KR is basically dead. KR BDO is ranked like 81th on the list of popular online games played by Koreans. Can you even list 15 MMOs? 81th is straight up pathetic. Unlike Daum, here’s the citation:

Weekly Korean MMO Rankings4.png

Edit: Some users consider 81st by GameNote too low and some sites also list BDO at around rank 20th. I don’t know which is more accurate, but regardless, the statistics are bad whether it’s 20th or 81st.

Even if they end up cancelling this decision, no reasonable person would ever trust them again. P2W only gets worse as a game gets older, so it’s inevitable they will pull something similar shortly down the track regardless.

In no way was my thread hate speech or irrational. My thread was not a bait and it was not inflammatory. I simply wrote down my view of the community’s feelings word for word. Daum silenced me, and thousands upon thousands of other users who share the same sentiment. Why acknowledge us? Just delete the thread and pretend it never existed.

I was going to just leave in silence when the patch hits. It would have been a feeling of disappointment mixed with regret. Now those emotions had been completely replaced with anger and discontentment. Daum’s disgusting behavior is unacceptable, and at this point in time, I had already requested my chargeback. Daum had undoubtedly broken all the promises for their product, this is a bait-and-switch. A few hundred dollars is nothing, but a company that acts like this deserves none of my money. This is not an issue of cost, this is an issue of principle.

BDO community consist of many ex-Archeage players who saw its rise and fall and was promised a new haven. It turned out, they simply misspelled hell. I urge the community to stand together and reject this tyranny. Let’s show them what trust is really worth.

81 thoughts on “The end of a short journey”

      1. Yep, it’s easier to just delete strong threads so the community can’t see them. They only leave the weak threads up because they’re not very convincing anyway to give an illusion of freedom of speech.


    1. Yea, I’m out. For the past few weeks if it wasn’t for the value pack fiasco and this, our team was going to pump out so much new data and information on the game. All of it had been postponed… and probably permanently at this point.

      I would be surprised if any content creator would continue doing testing or making content for a dead game. There’s no future to this, so why not leave before the ship sinks you to the ocean floor?

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  1. Thank you Featherine for your continuous, logical, and numerical advice in supporting players make good decisions about gear upgrading, silver, and real money. You and your articles will be missed (at least by me <3). I will raise my +15 Liverto (enchanted with your method) to the sky in honor, and hope all others who you influenced do the same.


    1. You’re welcome. I enjoy intellectual exchanges and I hope my articles managed to make a difference and help people understand the BDO enhancement system on a deeper level. There were so many things planned, but I guess sometimes things just don’t end up as we planned.


  2. What I thought the point of the post telling us they plan on added cash shop items to the MP, was to get feedback from the community before going ahead with it. SO i was looking forward to a post from them saying yea we listened to you we wont do this. Which would have made me trust them more since My original thinking was they wanted to be sure how the community would react before going ahead with it. But them deleting your post that summarized how the community felt is.. Im at a loss for words on how to accurately describe how I feel about this. This is wrong on a level I never thought i would see from them.


  3. I’m sorry, but I find the CURRENT outrage totally stupid. I understood when people were outraged over value packs, but this is just silly.

    The community accepted that people can buy a pet, a costume or a value pack (from now on: power items) from the item shop and these items constitute advantage over not buyers. If the community wouldn’t accept these, everyone were already quit by now. So we can conclude that buying “power items” were grudgingly accepted as “tolerable pay to win”

    So someone please explain me why
    – Adam buying power item is in the cash shop is acceptable
    – Betty farming silver in game is acceptable
    – Adam getting the silver from Betty in exchange for the power item on the marketplace BAD BAD BAD PAY TO WIN!

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      1. 1: you can’t buy 500M in a week, unless you are the only buyer. I was #1 wealth with 1.4B silver, I’m now #2 with 0.8B silver after quickly shopping gear (full tri ultimate heve + tri liverto + some accessory). So there is simply not enough wealth in the economy like in the years old KR.
        2: just because top grinders can’t match it, I could in my best week. L2P. Grinding is the most baseline activity and only morons do it.
        3: you can’t buy a single silver from the dev. You are buying from other people. So “Gevlon makes 500M a week” is OK, “Joe makes 500M a week by getting Gevlon’s silver” is not OK. How?


      2. 1. Whether you’re number 1 wealth doesn’t mean anything. If people can’t afford 100m a piece, why is Ogre Ring permanently sold out? I’m not selling to 1 person, I can sell a set each to 5 unique people every week.

        2. The top geared players right now are in TRI/TET mix. 6 months after release. If they sell all their gear it will be worth maybe 10bil tops. At 2bil a month, a credit card warrior who doesn’t even touch the game outprogressed our most hardcore players. They reach 10bil in 5 months without even playing the game at all. If you don’t see the problem with that, you won’t see a problem with anything.

        3. Joe making 500m from Gelvin is indeed not OK, because Joe didn’t play the game.


      3. Buying 500 million silver a week? If top grinders can’t make that kind of silver, they sure as hell won’t be wasting their hard earned silver on costumes and pets. If they aren’t buying the costumes, pets and Value Packs, then no one is making 500 million silver a week. You can’t have one without the other. I didn’t imagine it to be a hard concept to understand. I will be streaming BDO and continuing to make content.


      4. That’s not how it works. 100 people are buying what 10 people are selling. You just need to earn 50mil a week to steadily help the P2W crowd progress.

        You should keep streaming and making content. The popular guys are all leaving, so there will be a niche for you.


    1. I try to explain the different Gevlon:
      We all know that game need money to survive, so i don’t mind paying for pets, costume etc’. this is something i have to pay once (some once per char). the Value pack is basically subscription, everyone that going to be comparative gong to have it. All this option still put the competitive players on equal footing in the game.
      Now they add option to transfer cash to silver. this is endless pit (ye its only 5 item per week, but they will change it). So there is no way for me to play competitive with people that put 5k a month on the game.
      Game for me is hobby, i like to play at competitive level using my time and brain. i don’t mind paying for my hobby, but this just kill it for me.
      The game also build to give p2w people the feeling of god:

      Isn’t the reason you left world of tank was that you understood the game is rigged for p2w people? this is the same.



      1. B-b-but….BDO is a “technical marvel!” Shame on you all for disparaging it! (And please try to ignore the unforgivable pop-in you see in this video, it is the user’s PC that is the problem and not the game!)

        Did I fanboi right on that? Lol.


  4. While the camps for or against the Cash Shop change agreed about as amicably as the Hatfields and McCoys, there is no room for debate that Deleting your thread and banning your account was disingenuous.
    I was a fairly casual player and honestly my concern for the cash shop shenanigans could have been measured in micro give-a-shits for all they impacted me and my pissant little guild. The company locking your thread and banning you was the first and last straw for me however. In the past they have let extremely volatile threads exist, possibly locking them (still available to view) or merging similar type threads together. This has established a new precedent in the company’s attitude.
    It’s a damn shame everything has ended like this. It was just a little over six months ago they launched this game with a nearly fanatically supportive fan-base and appeared they would not repeat the sins of previous MMOs.


    1. I stand by everything I said in the thread. BDO success was built on community trust, and that had completely been broken.

      The product sold to us and the one we believed was sold to us was very different. The outrage following their blatant deception is proof of that.


    1. 1. I screenshotted this morning.
      2. I went out with friends to a cafe and talked about life and medical subjects.
      3. I came home.
      4. Banned.
      5. I know as much as you do, because I screenshotted the entire thing and posted in my article.

      I read CM_Aetheon’s post and I can confirm I did make a second account, but I did not promote illegal activities. Unless criticizing Daum is illegal to them.


  5. Lemon_Crush here, you know the guy that always argued with you.

    I also got banned for nothing. These guys are shady and deserve to burn.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into game mechanics and sharing it.


    1. RIP. Do you see the state of the forums? All the vocal and logical users against Daum are banned or MIA right now.

      You have spammers and baiters running rampant, but that’s OK, because those arguments are non-threatening.


      1. Yup its nuts right now. It’s like politics silence the other side so you can pretend they are a minority and that the majority want p2w. I really can’t believe these guys right now it blows my mind.

        I’m done though. Im either quitting or not spending another dime on it. And this is from someone that spent 2k on the game.

        Game will die off anyways after this goes through.


  6. They did not just censor your Post, Mods are also “hiding” Posts in the Main-Thread (even got confirmed by one of the “Volunteer Mods”). Yesterday Posts dissapeared everytime you refreshed the Page.


  7. This is just pure betrayal and its all about the money…
    Black Desert had SO MUCH potential ! Best looking mmo to date.

    Thumbs up for you effort of making this page


  8. I could see this coming, that’s the only reason I didn’t bought the game after having played it on Korean/Japanese servers. B2P was a good tactic by them to milk some money, and with the addition of the expensive stuff at cash shop, they gained some easy money in these few months. Plus they had that clown (community manager) at reddit saying (when the western release was announced) some fantasy stories about how they gonna listen to the community about not having P2W stuff etc etc. The mods on their official forum are like that as well, some need help from doctors ASAP.

    I never thought that Nexon would be like an angel compared to them, at least they don’t lie or hide their intentions in terms of P2W stuff lol.

    Embarrassing, pathetic and it will probably be the last game most of them are gonna work at.


    1. Nah. Nexon is still a bad company. They’ve pulled silencing techniques similar to Daum and promoted P2W items. In my eyes, both of these acts are evil . Neither company is good


  9. I’m so sad to see the best MMO I’ve ever played falling apart like this in a single day. Daum’s (Kakao’s) heads are so far up their asses, it’s inconceivable. Don’t forget they’re not even guaranteeing the limit of 5 sales a week any more, Jouska edited that to say they might place the limit. So for all we know, sellers might be able to buy 10 or more items a week and sell them. Ridiculous. This is such an obvious cash grab. The fact that it’s going into effect right before WoW: Legion drops is no coincidence. I wish I enjoyed WoW enough to consider switching to it but, I don’t. So it looks like no MMORPG’s for me for a while, unfortunately.. thank you Featherine for all you’ve done, and good luck on all future endeavors.

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    1. It’s also no coincidence BDO is 6 months post-launch and Paypal refund policy is 180 days. Founder pack members pretty much got screwed over.

      Thank you, and I wish you the best too. Archeage handed BDO success on a silver platter with timing. Maybe BDO is trying to return the favor by doing it for WoW.


  10. When I first read the news I was truly disappointed, but after thinking it over I realised it really wasn’t going to affect whether I had fun in BDO or not. What is really upsetting though, is the fact it’s causing so much commotion and as a result many players are leaving the game. I do think however, that anyone who decides to spend money on the game with the intention of buying the best gear, will not get the most out of Black Desert and in the long run will just get bored.

    I do agree with you that it makes it incredibly hard to play a game where the company has no respect what so ever for it’s playerbase. And the fact that they deleted your posts after stating they were happily receiving feedback is really concerning. It just can’t be a happy ending when the game is run by a company that makes a lot of shady moves. That’s the worst part about it to be honest. Whether they thought it was a good idea to begin with and we could cling on to the hope they wouldn’t add it, is totally irrelevant now because they’ve shown they don’t care. It’s been two days since the announcement and no news… dare I say all hope is lost?

    It hasn’t driven me away from the game yet, I’m not even a veteran player but I obviously care about the game because I am reading so much into this. Although if the game loses the majority of its players and its community, the game is no more. It’s a very, very good game. It would be a shame to see it go.

    p.s. What game will you move on to now?


  11. Hey Featherine, Sibs from forums. I’m sorry to read about what’s happened to you. I’ve always enjoyed reading your content (and losing in arguments to you). Reading your analyses allowed me to wrap my head around the RNG of this game, which is not a trivial thing to accomplish as an author.

    I hope you will stick around, but if you don’t, then good luck to you.

    P.S. I’m surprised I’m not banned yet for my anti P2W forum avatar and some posts I’ve made speaking out against this decision.


    1. Thank you. It’s always glad to hear for a writer when the content makes actual impacts on people.

      I think the ban-wave is over. Either they’re too afraid to be rash now that everyone knows what’s up or the GMs are sleeping. I haven’t heard reports of bans in the past half a day or so, but before that several dozen people PMed me about unjust bans.


  12. more and more threads getting blocked now, and ppl getting banned, shows that they know ppl arent as sheepish as they thought.


      1. I posted up my objections as well on the BDO forums and was slapped with a 4 day forum ban as well. The CM’s are out of control and players that have good information to share are slapped down as all of the trolls and flammers are allowed to run rampant. I don’t see the logic in it at all.

        I have posted that link above to my guild discord channel and I have already initiated dispute claims with PayPal for my purchases and sadly, I really liked the game and was hoping that they would have stayed with the promises that they made when the game was released back in March. Another game that had so much potential wasted because of the P2W greed.

        I hope that I am able to recover some of the money that I paid to them in good faith for a game that didn’t suck on the P2W tit like a few other titles that will remain nameless.


        BDO IGN Tensai


      2. That’s what makes me the most angry about this situation. This isn’t a crappy WoW clone that had no future. This is a high quality game ruined completely by the publishers.

        Best of luck to you for your PayPal dispute and whatever you choose to do in the future. If only this game was ran by a company that actually cared about the game.


  13. You’re factually wrong as to why the top 10 brands are as big as they are though, you’ve not done proper research and it comes out as a big flawed post imho.

    They’re not big because they built a fanbase, they’re big because their products are solid and they have features you won’t see in other brands. Take Apple for example, Windows cannot come close to the security and integration that Apple’s product delivers. That is why people choose Apple. You have to think about who actually buys their products as well, they’re students, businessmen, teachers, etc etc.

    You don’t see your average joe buying a Macbook just to have one, they’re -always- business / school related.
    Apple is successful because they supply what nobody else does, there’s a demand for high security which you won’t get from windows products no matter how many anti malware softwares you’re gonna download.

    And the only reason why people buy an iPhone is because the majority just follows their friends, family and colleagues, that works just like mainstream music does, people buy it because everyone is using one.

    If you truly think even 90% of the current Apple users today just buy their products because they’re a “loyal fanbase” then you could not be more wrong. And I say this as an apple user myself, I am not a fan of their brand, I only purchase it because their phones and macs are superior when it comes to security. ( And I produce music on Logic Pro which you can’t do on a Windows machine).

    As to this BDO case however, I very much disagree with their way of doing things and this certainly stopped me from ever going back to the game.

    And one last thing I do disagree on is the whole Blizzard not being P2w, they had a case in Diablo 3 where you literally could pay irl money to get the best items, this however was shut down after a few years, but there’s also the case in Hearthstone where you have to pay money to get certain cards (Adventures, Expansion packs, etc) or you’ll have to wait 1 year until you can craft them. I’d say that is pretty p2w.


    1. Apple is not very secure actually. You can install hardware level malware into Apple computers quite easily, and most serious tech experts would laugh at the idea that Mac is secure. Kaspersky Lab (just naming them because it’s the first name that popped into my head), among others, published many articles in the past explaining why Apple isn’t hacked not because of security, but rather that no big malware developers were willing to invest into the system at this time.

      And let’s be honest, I’ve yet to meet anyone who says they got a MacBook for security. People saw it as a bonus if anything really. Most people buy it because they like Apple. You can ask around if you don’t believe me; they have the most loyal customers in tech.

      I should have talked about D3 in more detail but it was an oversight. I thought people would have actually saw D3 as supporting my point, because the disgusting P2W it implemented killed the game and gave Path of Exile a lot of players in a genre that Blizzard previously monopolized. D3 removed P2W as a result, but the damage was done, and Blizzard did have their reputation hurt.


  14. What you need to understand about European companies in particular is that in most western European countries, criticism of government is banned and can get you charged with sedition. How is this relevant to a game company? The mentality carries among the people in that country that criticism traveling upwards is bad. Therefore any criticism no matter how legitimate can be considered hate speech because it is offensive to the people in charge. Germany and nearby countries are especially bad culprits of this, and you will rarely find an EU supporting official or businessman who does not always and aggressively try to stamp out any sort of criticism at all.

    It’s your typical Lord complex, and why we as Americans left europe in the first place. Combine this with the typical low empathy and crude ancap philosophies of koreans, and, well… They’re a country of fake people.


    1. Regardless of what is done, the important lesson they will hopefully be learning is what should be done to have the support of the people.

      Games aren’t like countries you’re born in. If the government fucks you over, sometimes you just have to take it in the ass. If games try the same thing, we can always just leave and give them the middle finger.


      1. They won’t care. What they will say is “Look at all this money we made at launch” and then the same people will find a different name to have another launch party with, then milk it as long as they can, rinse and repeat.

        and because there are always new people, there are always gullible people.


      2. That’s why the community needs to stop being spineless and leave. Nexon NA fucked up when they went P2W and for years have tried measures to reduce P2W, but the label sticks and they don’t do well in the West.

        Same thing can/will happen to Daum. We just have to stick together and stop being spineless idiots.


    2. lol, i live i Europe. critcism is allowed here. Or were you trying to be funny in some weird misguided way? Daum Europe is based in the Netherlands and is only a streched arm of the Korean based Kakoa company… Korea lies in Asia…


  15. I was planning on getting the game due to the beautiful graphics and amazing features, but as always I keep researching until I feel that I have all the knowledge about this game. As more people started posting things about p2w I got curious and luckily came upon your post. I knew that they were going to implement that new feature about pearls. I didn’t really understand what it meant since I don’t have the game, therefore didn’t know what all the fuss was about. But by reading what you’ve posted I don’t need to understand it. Just knowing that a company is willing to remove comments and opinions that really have an impact against their decisions is a deal breaker. A company with that much low self esteem is no company at all, they’re not willing to take their time to respond to the community’s opinions is absurd even more so by deleting them. Thank you for posting this, i’m glad I didn’t hand over any money to them.


  16. Lol, I thought they valued and wanted feedback. Unless, of course, it is not in their favor? I don’t get their logic behind this besides the worst attempt at masking an apparent disapproval.

    You literally collect people’s thoughts and express the feelings of myself and others but they claim it is a violation. I would love to see what the criteria is for acceptable feedback.

    Self-sabotage is an understatement.


  17. Featherine, sorry to see you go. As a player that is new to BDO, I found your content here to be very helpful. It seems like you have quite the following, and for good reason. Being new to the game though I don’t understand why people are so upset with what is now Kakao Games (previously Daum?) and why some are labeling this game as ‘P2W’.

    I’m sure you have considered that publishers almost always drive the finance decisions with any game. Companies are established often to satisfy trade laws when said companies operate from other countries. So my suspicion (being ignorant of the true history) is that Daum made some series of statements early in life that reflect their intents but then became:

    1) Subject to reversal due to profits, and projected difficulties for continued financing of the full development team in the coming years

    2) Failed considerably in their efforts to communicate transparently with the public. This may likely be due to communication restrictions invoked by the publisher, or simply just the Ake’s and Pain’s of learning for a relatively new organization.

    Running the quick math on reported sales I found from a youtube post, and making some assumptions about cash shop revenue it seems that #1 above could very well hold true. What are your thoughts on this?


    1. BDO launched was overwhelmingly successful so much that they broke projected profits multiple times over. Months ago when they only sold 50% of what they did now they said they could run the game for more than another year without getting a single dime more.

      The publisher Kakao is basically trying to milk the game to fund their other business ventures, especially with their quarterly reduced net profit.

      The secret to BDO overwhelming success? The fact that they promised this game would be different. The same promise they’re going back on. That’s the main reason the community is pissed off. P2W is one thing, but lying followed by blatantly ignoring feedback and censorship is the last straw for many.

      I’d like to think they need more money for this game but they really don’t. It’s just greed.


  18. It seems in any MMO you will get banned for the ‘hot button’ of devs. For me Elder Scrolls I got banned for pointing out numerous times the cheaters and the exploiters that existed and were never dealt with in the PvP. PvE cheaters got executed super fast always, but it seemed PvP was meh whatever we dont care. I never once violated any policy, with naming or shaming or what not.

    Whatevs, it is sad that we cant get a good game to the numbers that WoW see. Or even get a good game like ESO that needed devs that could fix it.


  19. Featherine, how was your luck on getting a refund?

    “After careful consideration, we’re unable to decide this claim in your favor at this time.

    The item violates the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy. It’s ineligible for PayPal Buyer Protection.”
    “If you wish to pursue this issue, we encourage you to contact your seller directly for resolution.”

    Not sure what to do from here since BDO support doesn’t give a damn about public image and lying to our face…


    1. I’ve seen reports of both success and failed cases. IIRC you can appeal the decision, but that’s unlikely to do anything if the initial decision was made against you.

      As you can see now, instead of addressing community concerns, Daum/Kakao is spending 100% of their effort to make sure they don’t lose money. Still no official statement on value packs, p2w market changes AFAIK and now the awakening lie too.


  20. I quit at the moment they released the treant costume… it was so obvious that its going to be more and more p2w. It’s a shame i payed money for this game. It could have been so good, and it went so bad.


  21. Hey guys!

    I am one of the victi…eh ex players of BDO although I did see all this coming much earlier and I left (thank god). MMOs where always something I played for fun and relaxing but with a tiny budget I normally played F2P. Now I have played hundreds of MMOs but nothing kept me playing, so I came from archeage and after all the dissapointment I decided for the first time to spent some money so I could save myself from the F2P bad parts. Long story short I am deeply disappointed with everything I tried on the market so I was wondering if you guys know anything thats still good and alive(and not too expensive) and to show you something I found ( I am not allowing myself to get really excited though but it looks promising ).
    So please let me know if you have something…and here is what I got:
    It’s still on development but the company is super interacting with the community and it actually listens to the tiniest suggestions! I have place my last hope to this game, after that I probably wont play another MMO…ever.


    1. I’ve pretty much gave up on MMOs at this point. Subscription based i.e. WoW and FFXIV are pretty much the only playable games released right now. GW2 and TERA are probably still the best released F2P games despite both being old and far from perfect.

      CoE does look like it has a lot of promising features, but like… we really don’t know enough at this point and all the recent events, e.g. BDO, No Man’s Sky, etc, is making me a pessimist.


  22. Hi Featherine,
    Is there a place we can follow you up? like a youtube channel? or page?, I’m that type of player that likes to read before playing a game, and indeed one of the things that kept me in this game was the non p2w system, tbh I couldn’t keep up with the top players gears or other things, but I felt that satisfaction that I knew that everyone had to the same, that if I lose or got killed I knew it was because of my own weaknesses and minimum effort on the game to keep up, atleast wasen’t a credit card hero, but now this is a deal breaker for me, I’ve played many mmo’s and seen many go down due to p2w, I was also one of those that loved ArcheAge and was expecting a new life and adventures on Black Desert, and it seems now that my adventure has come to an end, even though I can see how this will change the game most of my friend because like you I was so passionate about game that I got as many people as I could involved to play this adventure with me, even going as far as going through IP block restrictions and paying a montly fee on VPN’s because our ISP’s weren’t stable enough to do the vpn logging trick and I kinda feel responsible for them, for making them lose their time, but hey, we enjoyed while it lasted, and it pains me that they can’t see how this will break the game, and I just can’t find words to make them understand, I wasen’t active on the forums but got to read some of your articles and I enjoyed them so much, thanks for making them!



    1. I never really intended on spending too much time on creating game content and saw it more as a hobby/past-time activity.

      Seeing I probably won’t be playing MMOs for a while, I doubt there will be many opportunities for writing content. If that ever changes I’ll leave a post here at some point.

      I understand your pain since I feel it myself. I wish you the best of luck in your next game, if you still haven’t given up on MMOs xD


  23. thank god I never bought this shit game, I am happy to play TERA for 4 years now, and EME stuff really care about their community.


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